Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

A few days late I know! :P Hasn't it been a great year so far?!!! hehe. Things have been great here. Christmas was great. New Year's was great. (Although the day after was a little tough. I never ever drink and I had had a few glasses of Champagne to celebrate. And woke the next morn to something I vowed I would never feel again. A hangover. LOL!) But Jed tried so hard to make that day a good day for me, so it wasn't so bad a day afterall. :D

Well I didn't do it last year (cause I didn't know about it yet!) and told myself I would do it this year, so here you have it! My top fav LOs from 2009! People are doing top 12 or top 10 or so, and I tried to do that but I just couldn't because I had too many favs! So I just went with that. Here are my top 21! In no particular order:

Just Be Me mini album challenge over at LilyBee paper company (which I won second place for!). I love this album. I worked so hard on it. And it was the first time I had used my Martha Stewart punches and I had a blast with them! (the images below are all before I added my journaling in the book)

This LO is one of my favs ever! I used a Pencil Lines sketch (#120) and my Studio Calico February kit! This LO was about how my daughter still was not talking, and how I wished she could.

This LO here was pure therapy for me. It is again using my February kit from Studio Calico. Here is the original post where I talked a bit more about the LO. This still remains my fav LO.

And here is the first two pager I ever did! I was so happy with myself that I made it work! Hehe! Still love so very much how it turned out! :D

This is one of the simplest LOs I have ever done, but I love it. Love it love it. :D

This little LO was magic that it came together as quickly as it did! Wish all my LOs could do that!
Here is the first LO I ever did for Prima! I was so so excited and honored and in disbelief that I had make the team, so this one will always have a special place in my heart. :D
I can't say enough about how much I love this LO.
Everytime I think about this LO, I start to cry. I miss my mom so much, and wish I could have said this to her.

My dear sweet husband. I love this picture of him, although he hates it! This is also one of my very very favs. Love the green colors mixed.

This LO is a recent one, so I'm sure you have seen it. But I can't get over how beautiful it turned out! I don't know that many other people think so, but I love the colors and textures and Oddbjorg's picture is just stunning! hmmm. :D This LO just makes me feel peaceful and relaxed.

This is an older LO, I made it for the Category Stories DT call. I was channeling my inner Alexis Hardy here. :D Love her work! And I had soooo much fun doing this LO! :D

A simple LO, but I love these pics of my sister and I. And this line was so perfect for them!

This is another one that I did for my Category Stories DT submission. And it is most certainly in my top 5 fav LOs! For the full story on this LO visit this blog post.

And Our Lil Pumpkin. Love this LO so much! She was so tiny! And this line by Cosmo Cricket was perfect for these pics! :D

My Cup Of Tea LO. :D It makes me so happy.

Can't tell you enough how much I am still in love with this little book! I need to add some more pages to it too! But I could just sit a stare at the cover all day.

Love the embellishment combinations that happened here. Such a super fun LO to do! Although looking at it right now, the inside lines look crooked? Anyone else see that? :P

Another recent one, but love it so much! The muted colors are superb! :D Makes me happy.

My sweet Creedence. This is my fav LO of her.

This LO totally describes how I have felt for quite a while now. :P But I love the colors on this LO. And the fleece shapes by American Crafts have been a staple in my stash since this LO.

And there you have it! Would you think me insane if I told you that that wasn't all of them?!! Some of my absolute ABSOLUTE favs are out for publication! Won't get them back til like March or something. And a few of them I have never even shown anyone before their publication! So I am really really excited to share them once they are published. :D
Well that is it from me right now. I will have some stuff very soon to show you, but right now I am super swamped under assignments! Can't tell you a thing yet, but I will have some sneaks on here from Prima in the next couple days! Prima actually already has a few sneaks on the blog right now! Pop on over there and check them out! I can't tell you enough how gorgeous they are! :D

Everyone take care! I will be back soon with fun stuff to share! Happy New Year!!!!


Janinek said...

Your pages here are soooo totally stunning Amy. I just love so many of them. You are one talented girl.

ArlaMo said...

Loved seeing all these again (and the new ones!) Love your style.

mustangkayla said...

WOwza...the talent you have...Beautiful layouts! Congrats on the publications. I can't wait to see them!

Laney said...

Gorgeous! I love your work!

justem said...

They are all gorgeous, but the "Precious" one is my favorite! :)

Stacey Michaud said...

Beautiful work as always Amy! Thanks for the congrats! I am sooo excited! Hope you are well!

tamari* said...

your works are so amazing!

LaVon said...

Wow AMY!!! Those are some AWESOME pages. I adore your Courage page. At the beach + As far as I can Tell are also a FAV!!!

Anonymous said...

Pure eye candy, Amy! You sure rocked the mini-album!! I can't pick a fave because they're all so beautiful in their own way. ;) :)

Anonymous said...

Those pages are GORGEOUS Amy! Wow! You truly are an artist!
Happy 2010!