Friday, December 18, 2009

My dearest kitty Thomas

I can't even believe how hard the decision I had to make today was. One of the saddest days I have had in a long time. Today, I lost my poor kitty. I had had Thomas for 16 years. He was the sweetest and most patient cat. So affectionate. He was found down the street from us and brought to us when he was just little. I have had so so so many cats come and go since him, but I have never been without him. Heck I haven't been without a cat since I was like 2 years old, so tomorrow will be very strange for me. And poor Creedence, one of her first words was Kitty. She loves Thomas so much, I am just very happy that she is only two and very easily distracted.

But he let us know in several ways that his time had come. It breaks your heart to know that there is nothing you can do for him, except let him go. I just wish I could hold him in my arms one more time. My dearest Thomas.