Tuesday, February 14, 2012

SwissgirlDesigns Blog Hop!!

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! :D

Well today is exciting because it is the SwissgirlDesigns Blog Hop! (If you have stumbled upon my blog and didn't know about the blog hop then click here, and it will take you to the beginning :D)

Now I know I went on and on about these stamps in my last post but if you have never heard of Rahel Menig's stamp company SwissgirlDesigns, the you NEED to check them out! They are beautiful, and of really good quality, and the designs are clever. :D And lucky for you guys, I actually have one set to giveaway today!! This is one of my fav sets of hers: Sew Happy.

Aren't they amazing?! :D Be sure the check out her shop for all her other designs (trust me you will wanna!

Here is my layout about my little Aurelia. :) Isn't she silly?! She is always trying to grab the camera when I take pictures anymore so I have to work with what I can get. :P The theme for this blog hop is love and sparkly! I did lots of glitter and of course I love my little baby. I had lots of fun doing this layout. Hope you like it!

*ETA!!* Hi everyone! Ok so I am not quite sure how it happened but my layout image never loaded into the post? I checked this post what felt like a billion times before I pressed for it to be prescheduled, but we have had a crazy morning and I am only just checking on everything now. Anyone ever had that happen before-where blogger just eats your image?! Weird huh?! Wel it is here now! :D Sorry bout that everyone!

Ok so in order to get your name in for this stamp set, I need you to leave me a comment telling me about the best Valentines Day gift you have ever received or given. The one that meant the most to you, that you will never forget your whole life. Even if you bought it for yourself!! Laugh! I would LOVE to hear about it! I will share my absolute hands-down fav with you all when I announce the winner! Thanks so so much for stopping by!

Your next destination on the blog hop is the very talented Lilith! And just in case you get lost somewhere along the way here is the whole line up:



Amy <-- That's where you are now! :D




Hope you all have a great time hopping! And again Happy Valentine's Day!!