Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cosmo Cricket Sneaks!!!!

Have you seen em?! If you haven't then go here and check them out! I am soooo in love! I am totally dreaming about these particular things:

New Blog look

Did you notice? Or is it too subtle? :D I was trying for subtle but wanted it (my blog) to look a lot less cluttered too. I am not done because I don't have any font color or border color or anything like that and honestly, I am really wanting a blog template that has a sidebar on each side of the page. But :P, I can't find one that is blank that will let me have the little buttons and things I created in Photoshop. Which BTW were soooo easy to make! First of all the frames are Danielle Thompson's Kitschy Digitals new Washi Tape Frames kit! Loving these!!! There is an awesome and super easy tutorial on the KD blog which shows you how to get these to work their magic on your images! I also used a few other Kitschy Digital kits: Monotone Fresh Feathers kit, Woodland Book-Lover's Printable kit, Matilda Digital kit, Olivia Digital kit, Skyler Digital kit. I also used two of Tia Bennet's free kits from Two Peas In A Bucket-the May free kit: Apple Blossom, and the April free kit: Spring Time Fever.

Well I also wanted to pop on here and tell you that Cosmo Cricket sneaks start tomorrow!!!! I can't wait! :D I will be back tomorrow afternoon posting some of my favs!