Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hi everyone! So the second layout I made for Crate Paper recently was put up on their blog last week, which means now I can share it here! :D I used the Random Collection for this one, and did something different that I had never done before. I created a little flip book on my layout using the new 6x6 paper pads Crate came out with this CHA! I had a lot of fun doing this, and will definitely be using these paper pads like this in the future.

The story behind this layout is one I am very happy to have scrapped, but I think it might be one of those 'you had to have been there' moments. Laugh! It displays the type of relationship that my husband and I have, and what keeps us laughing together. These happy moments I cherish, and when I saw these photographs I knew I had to document it.

I had asked Jed if he wouldn't mind taking some new photographs of me, as I needed some for not only Crate Paper's new DT announcement, but also for the upcoming Guest Design gigs I had coming up. So of course he said yes, because he honestly thinks he is a really great photographer, and any opportunity for him to prove that he will take. LOL! One of the many things that he does that makes me laugh! Even though it may be slightly annoying, it really does put a smile on my face.

Anyway, the photos are going well, changing backgrounds and smiles and blah blah blah. Taking pictures of myself is honestly a pretty daunting task for me, as I really think I am the least photogenic person alive! But I am who I am, and I know that I will be kicking myself years from now if I hadn't taken any pictures of my early days as a mom and of me in my late twenties. These moments only come for a short period of time and then they are gone!

Everything is going well til we move to the waterfall (yes I have a waterfall in my front yard. I keep saying to Jed that I really think he is confused as to where we really live, cause I waterfall is the last thing you would normally find in the front yard of a home in our town! LOL!) Jed all of sudden says "Ohhh I know what would look really good! Stay right where you are...." and he just keeps snapping pictures whilst sloooowly moving the camera away from me. I start to think he must have some sort of look he is going for with these, but it just keeps moving further away and he is talking still like I am doing great and to not move. :P A couple more seconds go by and he is still moving away and I said "Wait a minute!! Seriously?! Do you even have that camera pointed at me anymore?!!

I said "Nu-uh! Your not getting me out of this shot!!" and I leaned over as far as I could making sure I stayed in the camera's view! Laugh!! He is such a punk! Always trying to pull a joke and give me a hard time! I totally didn't think he was getting me in the shots, but then when I loaded the pics to the computer and saw that he actually was, well I knew I needed to scrap this memory, cause it gave us both quite a laugh. This moment is actually really special for me, and I am so thankful to have these photos to go with it.

Hope you enjoyed this, and laughed about it some! It makes me laugh every time I think about it. :D I will be back again in the next couple days with another layout share. Take Care!!



MissusMege said...

This made me genuinely smile! It's so lovely, the photos are so natural and I love the the papers you used. :) x

Michelle Hernandez said...

I loved this project when I saw it on the blog- I was so happy to see your face in the announcement of new DT members! This is a great project- love the idea of making a page with a mini on it. I really love that new Crate line as well- it has all my favorite colors in it.

Misty said...

Welcome, welcome! Your blog is beautiful!

swissgirl said...

AMY :D CONGRATS ON YOUR NEW DESIGN TEAM :D i am so so so happy for you :D you totally deserve this spot and i know you will rock their stuff :D

sending you lots of cyber hugs ;)
xoxo, rahel :D

Pamela said...

This is awesome! And congrats on Authentique! :)

Maria Therese said...

Reallt cool layout ♥♥