Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amy...You got some 'splainin to do!

Said in the best Ricky Ricardo voice I can muster. :P

I look back on my last post and seriously want to bang my head on my desk when I see the date that it was written. :P But seriously can not help but laugh at the title of the post. If only we both knew what was in store after that! LOL!

I can not even begin to explain where I have been or what I have been doing lately, and not have it be an hour long read. The pictures alone would be one of my longest posts ever! :P So, I will be explaining over the length of quite a while, but to kinda sum it up for now it goes something like this: We moved. Which took about a month to do. :P And lost internet during that whole time. Which left me in a huge panic. Finally got out of old house, and got internet set up in the new house. Found out just before the move that we are expecting baby number 2! But a few days after that extreme morning sickness and fatigue set in. Morning sickness and fatigue like I have never felt before in my life. And it has not. stopped. SINCE. And if that wasn't bad enough I for some reason now get the migraines I had quite a while ago back. So needless to say I wake every morning just really not wanting to even get out of bed! LOL! Sigh. (pity party over now! :D) Everyone else is doing great here! Creedence is almost 100% potty trained! :D We are still working on the communicating when she needs to go, and the wearing clothes part. Oh and she still wears a diaper to bed. Other than that she rarely has an accident because she gets up when she needs to go and heads to the bathroom all on her own! :D Of course I follow, but the telling me that she needs to go isn't happening so much. And she is always naked, because she confuses panties with her diaper. So those are the only hiccups. LOL! I can't tell you how proud I am of her for changing to this so quickly! And I am also super happy that she is almost 100% out of diapers, as we were going through a pack in a matter of days! :P That is how much she goes. Yeah I know. Crazy. My house is still in shambles as unpacking hasn't gone so well with me being sick, and Jed has had to work a lot more than usual lately. Which means that my scrap area is in extreme shambles too. But I get my own room now! With a door and everything! :D Which means that Cree won't be getting into any of it anymore. But I will have to have the baby crib and what not in there (which there is plenty of room for) as Cree will be getting her own room now. And I think it works fine because the baby isn't gonna need a whole lot of room anyway. And having the baby seperated from Creedence at night when Cree is learning to sleep in her own room I think will work out much better. Any advice you have on that would be awesome, as having two little ones is going to be a whole different ballgame that we are totally unfamiliar with!

Well that is about all that has been going on personally. The scrappy side of me has been a bit busy lately too! I won't share a whole lot right now as I don't want this to be a super long post but I have lots of LOs and stuff to share! I am very sorry that I haven't kept this place up to date, or even been around to share anything! I'm sure there are lots of you that think I have fallen off the face of the planet! LOL! There have been a few of my fav scrappers that have, and I still miss their blogs and scrappy work! But I am totally here! Just running at about 45% capacity. :P Second trimester is upon me so hopefully I will start feeling a whole lot better soon! :D I am busy right now finishing up CHA stuff, and am really desperately needing to answer some emails that I got months ago and just haven't responded to yet. If you are one of those people-my deepest apologies! A response email is in the works! :D I hope that is comforting.

Well until my next update: Thank you all for still supporting me and sticking around here! :D Be back soon! Take care!



justem said...

Glad you're back in the blogging world! I have been thinking about you and baby #2 and wondering how the speech is going with Creedence!!

Keshet said...

Feel better soon, Amy!

Olivia said...

Congratulations Amy! No advice to offer I'm afraid but hope that you feel better soon :)

Nicole said...

I'm so glad to "see" you around! I've missed you! :)