Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Kitschy Digitals kits!!!!

I am sooo excited about these new kits from Danielle Thompson's Kitschy Digitals!!! She has two that just got released today! One is an amazing and fantastically huge Monotone Fresh Feathers kit and the other is an adorable Kawaii Cute Fruits kit!!!!

Be sure to check out the Kitschy Digitals site for examples of these fabulous kits in use! Not to mention some absolutely killer inspiration!!!! Danielle has just added four new members to the Creative Team!! They are none other than the incredibly talented Rhian Cooksey Quinton, Davinie Fiero, Tara Anderson (who I just recently discovered and have fallen in love with!!!), and Alexis Hardy!!!! I can not say enough awesomely amazing things about Alexis!! She is just an amazing inspiration to me! And just so that you can also show your love of Kitschy Digitals, here is the link to Danielle's post which has the Oh So Adorably Cute blinkies she made!!!! I will be back this weekend with the new Kitschy projects I have been working on!!!! Yay!!! So cute!

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