Tuesday, January 27, 2009

GRRR!!!!! *Site Under Construction*

Oh my goodness. I can not even tell you how embarrassed I am! And frustrated!! So I was lookin in my photobucket account and was finding it very difficult to locate certain photos so I thought hey why not use this handy dandy photo album organizer they got?! Yeah. Now almost all the photos I had have a been moved or deleted thingy on them in my blog!!!!!!!! I have to go and manually replace all of them!!! Grrrr I am so mad right now! So please please please bare with me while I fix things. Hopefully it will not take too much time.

*Ok so for the time being (because I seriously have to go to sleep right now!) I have put all posts that are not fixed as drafts, which removes them from view on the blog. I will be fixing them all in the morning, have no fear!!! This was all in good intention because I have tons of awesome news and more projects to share but grrrrr something just was working against me tonight. Well. Till tomorrow morning then!*

**Ok I have fixed majority of them but I have to go now to the store and such!! grrr. This is so horrible and I apologize sincerely!!!!! I am so bad with computers!!!! AHHHH! hehe ok well when I get back I will tackle the rest. Thanks so much for your patience!!!**

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