Friday, May 30, 2008

New LOs

So it took me a little while to finish these but I got them done! The more layouts I do the more confident I feel about how they look and come out. But at the same time it just makes me want to scrap that much more! Which would be fine if I didn't have dishes and laundry and baby and cat and mopping and bathroom and, oh can't forget...husband to take care of! There are plently of scrapping moms who fully understand what I am saying. We love every minute of it though.

Ok so this first LO I did for a GDM competition over at Scrapbook 'N' Bits! It was Jolene Pienaar's turn to set the challenge. I always love her work, she gives me so many ideas and is such an inspiration! We were not allowed to use any flowers or chipboard and we had to use ribbon in a creative way. Now,not using flowers and chipboard is hard enough! I used a million buttons to compensate for my want to use flowers and chipboard. The ribbon I, honestly, don't think I used in the most creative way. I used it instead of a whole bunch of patterned paper for color. Then the buttons expanded off those colors. This was such an absolutely fun page to do because I distressed and inked everything I could, which I love doing! All the ribbons, tags and letters have been distressed and inked in some way. Like I said I had a lot of fun doing this page and really like how it turned out! The following pic is a close up of details and things.

This next LO that I did is my favorite so far. I love the richness of the colors I used and want to use them again soon! On this page I used so many different elements from so many different sets of paper and embellishments that I am still amazed at how awesomely it all turned out! I have so few pics of me and Creedence together (you know how it is when you become a mom...always behind the camera!) that I am pleased to have these few sweet shots situated in such a happy way! Like I said this is my favorite and really enjoyed doing it. It was also my quickest LO yet...just two days! While the previous LO on this post took 3 weeks! Talk about crazy business! Let me know what you think of it! I would love to hear your feedback!

Just so you know, I had first intended on cutting the over-hanging sides of the circle off so that it would be a 12x12 LO (and that way I could fit it into an archive sleeve) but I liked it hanging over so much that I just left it! Now I have the task of figuring out how to store it. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!

Hope you all have a great weekend coming up! I will be busy making a couple cards, finishing a LO and cleaning! So much cleaning!

Take care~Amy


Mal said...

Great bog Amy! Your LO's are fantastic, so creative:) I too am Tori Amos fan, love her!

Noel said...

beautiful!! :)

Julie said...

Hi Amy ... i popped across from the ScrabooknBits forum to say HI!
Love the LO's. Your little girl is adorable ... love those big blue eyes!
Look forward to chatting some more soon :O)