Sunday, May 25, 2008

Slacker Blogger....

Yes, I admit to it. It has been a busy few days since my last post but I haven't been busy 24/7. I said I was going to post again the very next day and didn't. I did do another LO though and I love it! I haven't taken any pictures of it yet but I will post it on here this week. Now the last post I did I told you I would be back to give you more and I am here now (though late!) to do so. These are cards I did for a workshop over at Scrap This! It was alot of fun but surprisingly challenging. Trying to stay true to the original and following instructions while putting in your own style and creativity wasn't easy. I will certainly be doing more workshops over there because a challenge is always fun! Now, I did three cards. The first is a greeting card, the second is a thank you card (as you can tell!) and the third is a birth announcement.

This last one, just in case you couldn't see the tiny writing on the card, says 'new arrival'. Like I said these were a lot of fun and with the simple yet stunning template we were to follow, it was easy to create stunning (and quick) cards for any occasion! Hope you like them. Let me know! -Amy

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