Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This word....I do not think it means what you think it means.

*ahem* Well I have not even bothered to check and see what date it was that I last updated this blog. All I know while writing this is that March is gone (almost), and I know for sure that I was last on here before February was done. My oh so awesome *Idea* of making a schedule to update once a week sort of went splat. Life has happened a lot here at the house. Not major life but more like the everyday life that saps up every bit of energy and enthusiasm you have to blog. :P

But I will attempt this again. :D

My big problem and main reason why I dread blogging is the fact that I can not for the life of me get my pictures to work on here anymore! They are either waaayyyy too big or waaayyyyy too small! I have heard people say that when they save their images in Photoshop they click 'save for web' and it does everything for them? Huh? I am going to give it a try and see if it helps me. I just end up making so many different copies of my pictures trying to get the right size that I inevitably lose track of which one is the original! :P So needless to say I don't have pictures to show you right now. I need to find my originals to a few and try resaving them using the save for web thing and then I will put them on here and see how they look. If they are too big they get cut off but if they are too small then it is just dumb. LOL! I feel so silly having this hold me back!! If you have any suggestions please please tell me! I would love to get some input on how people do it and have it be so perfect!

Well just thought I would check in and make sure people didn't think I have given up! :D I will be back tomorrow hopefully with my things from this past month and some new things too!! See you tomorrow!

BTW: The post title is a quote from a movie I have been thinking a lot about lately because I have not seen it in sooo long! It is from the Princess Bride. One of my fav lines from the whole movie! :D


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Sasha Farina said...

darling girl.. adjust your template , so when u upload your pics on flickr, (do you use flickr), no matter what size, you can use the medium size picture (around 500px) for your blog!

i adjusted mine (but my blogger template was the Minima, yours too? think so) then have been able to use bigger pic for the blog which is awesome.

email me if you need help adjusting, i helped a girl before this and i believe i still have that email saved up. can forward to you. the insructions may be a little bit here and there.. I dont explain things very well, but if you stare hard, you might be able to understand what i'm gonna say.. LOL

yeah.. so this has become a novel.. sorry for hijacking your blog! LOL!