Friday, November 14, 2008


I have something to tell you, though I'm sure you will probably already know it because I am so late posting this!! I submitted my work to Danielle Thompson recently and you'll never guess! She asked me to be on her Creative Team!! I was shaking I was so excited!! That's silly I know but I have never been on a team before so I was just so thrilled! I still am! The Creative Team announcement was this morning and it finally let me be able to see who else is on the team with me! There is some outrageous talent on that team!!! I am flabergasted (did I spell that right?hehe) that I have this amazing opprotunity! And I don't think I have written a sentence yet in this post that didn't end in an exclamation point! I have been such a happy girl over the last few days, jumping up and down inside and smiling all the time but trying to keep my composure so that I can get some work done. And even though I am a little under-the-weather right now I am still jumping up and down! I only have one project photographed right now but I will have the other done soon!

This is my first finished project for Kitschy Digitals! I am just in love with these kits! I am finding it a little tricky though to make the embellishments look non-digital, ya know what I mean? I am just going to have to do some real texturing. Now you may be asking yourself what those little squiggly things on my strips of "paper" are. Well they are not paper. They are fabric!!! I distressed the edges of them so that they look frayed, although you can't really tell that here :( .But that is one of the killer things about these kits! All you do is get some Inkjet Fabric Printer Sheets from your local craft store and follow the super duper simple instructions!! And that's it! I have so many more things I want to do with these, I can not even begin to tell you how many!

Be sure to check out the new team! There is an extremely wide range of styles that these girls do, plus we cover the whole globe! There are so many internationals on there! Anyway if you want to see more of these kits in action, then click here. Also I know there is some new stuff coming out soon so be sure to check back (either the Kitschy Digitals blog or here) sometime this next week for some more eye candy!! These kits are available for purchase at TwoPeas, just click here to see them all!! They are incredible!! And just sos you knows, you will have the option to choose either the paper version or the digital version. You use the digital version the same as you would any other digital kit, and the paper version you just print out on your printer from home! As long as you have some kind of photo editing software, then the possibilities of these kits are endless!! Well that's all I have for you today so take care til next time!! ~Amy~

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