Thursday, October 30, 2008

So I don't have a title for this post. Just like with my LOs it is hard to come up with any. And you are probably wondering why I am posting so soon after my last post..... I know I am really bad with posts but this is a good start to getting better! So the other day I finally decided to go on to ScrapInStyle and become a sister. It is such a huge and busy site with almost 14,000 sisters on it!!! I always felt way too intimidated to go onto there! Well I bucked up and finally did it. Added my LOs on to it, filled out my profile, and did my newbie post on the message board. I started checking around on there daily, getting used to how the site worked. Kept reading things about the Catwalk but when I went and looked at it in the message boards it looked like it was some competition that had started a while ago. So I didn't bother anything with it. Then I signed on on Tuesday and saw I had a message from Amber Ulmer, one of the Fashionistas. It said simply, 'Congrats on the Catwalk!'. I did a double take when I read this! I thought wait a minute, no!!! I dashed over to the Catwalk and there I was! Amber had picked my Live card for this weeks Catwalk! I am still in shock! You can check it out here! Be sure to take a look at all the other girls who made the Catwalk as well. There is some real killer talent on there!

So, if you didn't already notice, I have a new banner! And I made it! hehe I am so excited about it. It is simple but I just love it. The real thing is sitting in front of me right now and I just love to look at it. I know the only reason is because of the totally awesome paper! That is Basic Grey's Urban Prarie! I saw it at Michael's the other day and scrapped with it the very night I brought it home because I was so excited! Ha and I loved it so much I decided to go back and get all the rest that they had! So I bought two more packs of it. I am intending on doing this big butterfly thing in Creedence's room. It is the perfect color scheme for what I am wanting in there. I want to go online and buy some of the coordinating stuff but I am going to wait just a wee bit. (I want to see what Label Tulip comes out with on sneaks for this next month, hehe)

Also I just finished this morning with taking my first online scrappin class! It was the Altered book class with Martha Bonneau! It was awesome! (here are a couple examples of what the books she made look like: here, and here.) It gave me some great inspirtation that I really needed! I am working hard on it but I am kinda at a stand still because my printer is jammed so I can't print any of the awesome vintage printables she gave us! I really want to include those in my book because they are so awesome, so I have to wait till we can get it unjammed. Once I have it finished I will take pics and show ya! I have also been hard at work with my September Label Tulip kits. I think I might have mentioned this before but I have 5 LOs now that I need to photograph but I really want to work on my lighting so that they come out better. Once I have done that I will put them up too. Well that is all I have for now and Creedence is in kinda a terror mode so till next time, Take care!! ~Amy~

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