Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pictures from February

Hi again! :D I have pictures to share today, but they are not recent. :P I went to go grab the camera just a few minutes ago and the battery is dead, so I need to ask Jed when he gets home where the charger is so that I can take new pictures tomorrow. Until then I will share pics from our photo shoot at Carmel Beach from February 11th. (Can't believe it has been more than a month since then!!!)

I will start off with this silly crazy little girl! She is just a wild thing nowadays, and is growing so fast! She is feisty, and opinionated (now that she can verbalize it all!), but she is so sweet and caring as well. She is a wonderful big sister, and I thank her for that everyday. She really appreciates being needed and helpful. She is still just as head strong and stubborn as the day she was born. Even though those are her most difficult attributes to deal with, I don't ever want her to lose them! She is doing a lot more on her own (eating, playing, and talking), and is wanting to do more on her own. She really growing and becoming a beautiful little girl.

These two are doing beautifully together. Aurelia puts up with 50 plus kisses a day (sometimes just that many at bed time!), and constant little hand holding. Creedence wants to be able to interact with her but realizes that there are limitations with what Aurelia can do. I know too well that that will be changing real soon, as this first year is going to be tremendous in regards to Aurelia's growth! (*Sigh* I had to take a little pity party moment there after typing that sentence! Why do they grow so fast?!) And Aurelia is just entranced by Creedence! She loves to watch her and be around her! It is so sweet to see!

And this is me. :D I haven't really wanted to take a whole bunch of pics of me lately, but I know that my children will appreciate it when they are older. I just really wanted the weight that I gained to be gone quicker! :P I know I know, I am only 2 months out. But sheesh! I seem to have a ton more on me after this baby than I did with Creedence! Laugh!

And me and my girls. These photos below mean a lot to me. This is us, all day long til Jed comes home. I thank him very much for capturing these images for me. They leave me speechless. :D

And here he is. This man is wonderful. He didn't skip a beat when Aurelia arrived. He stepped up and did what he needed to around the house, and with Creedence, and for me or Aurelia anytime something needed to be done. I can't thank him enough for being there and being so congenial about it. And he loves being a father. I can't believe my girls and I got so lucky with him. :D

Well there is an update (kinda! :P). I will be back tomorrow with the Noel Mignon Blog Hop, so be sure to check in!! :D The hop started today so if you would like to get the first part done, it all starts on the Noel Mignon layout blog! :D Happy Hopping!

Be back soon with more project shares and pictures! Take Care!!


P.S. all pictures here were edited with Paint The Moon PSE free actions (specifically sunny days)!! Check out their facebook for details! :D


Noel said...

What beautiful family photos Amy! Thanks for sharing! The girls are gorgeous! :)

Olivia said...

Beautiful photos Amy. Especially love the third one of you & the girls xx

justem said...

These are amazing! What a perfect family you have!! :) And you look pretty amazing for just having a baby!!

Unknown said...

aww beautiful photos!

Lulu said...

Oh Amy girl I hear you about the baby weight.. sigh. That said, seriously you need to go easy on yourself because you look so beautiful! Truly :)

Keshet said...

Beautiful post and I think you look wonderful!

Jill said...

Aw, these photos leave me feeling all mushy-gushy. SO sweet!

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful family - congrats on your lil one! :D